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Mechanical Design

With decades of experience in automation, machine building, maintenance & repairs, coupled with strong aptitude for innovation and cutting edge mechanical design software, we have the capability to undertake a wide variety of bespoke design & problem solving tasks for a large range of industries.

In addition to new builds, we're also able to apply adaptations and upgrades to existing process machinery to enhance productivity or quality, or maybe diagnose and correct technical flaws that reduce manufacturing efficiency.

Our design & development processes are very accessible to people of all levels of aptitude. We create graphical simulations and animations to help to show exactly what a proposal will look like or how it will perform. This all helps to refine a finished design that really satisfies the requirements of all involved, whether they be maintenance engineers, operators, production mangers and even (dare we say) accountants. Our team specialises in this type of work, and we're very efficient at it. You might be surprised what can be achieved with a tight budget.